Leaving No Trace Behind

The Macarthur District 4WD Club Inc. is a family club which is involved in a mixture of 4WDriving, driver development, camping, cooking advice, social events, competitions and day trips. The club was founded in October 1986 so has been around for over 30 years and has approx 100 family members with it's main emphasis on having a good time.

We are based in the Macarthur District of Sydney. This is in the Camden and Campbelltown Area. There are organised day and weekend trips running most weekends for those interested. These range from easy to hard, catering for the novice to the experienced drivers, that way you have a choice on the type of trip to attend. Be assured, help and guidance is always available from the Driver Development Officer or other experienced members.


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Explore a whole new world

Owning a 4WD opens up a whole new world of activities. You will find a lot of people who own 4WD’s also enjoy camping, photography, hiking, 4WDing, and more...

The Aims of the Club

  • To conduct a variety of trips in an organised, responsible and safe basis
  • Adhere to the four wheel driver’s Code of Ethics
  • To promote the club, its philosophies and expertise throughout the community
  • To provide social opportunities between individuals and families with a common interest in 4 wheel driving, touring and camping
  • To assist in the development of club members in the varied disciplines of 4 wheel driving, thereby increasing members skills and knowledge
  • To be actively involved in our local community and to be capable of providing assistance when requested by statutory bodies and voluntary organisations
  • To foster and encourage relationships with club sponsors
  • To establish and maintain relationships with likeminded clubs and organisations
  • To raise funds by legal means to further the aims and interests of the club

Code of Conduct - Members & Visitors

  • No pets (with the exception of service animals) are allowed on club trips at any time for any reason.
  • No motorbikes or ATV’s are allowed on any club trips.
  • No firearms, weapons or pyrotechnics are allowed on any club trips
  • Abusive language on the UHF between members of the club or visitors and the general public will not be tolerated
  • Abusive language or behaviour of members of visitors around the camping area is not acceptable
  • Driving in a manner considered unsafe either to the rest of the convoy or the general public will not be tolerated. If a person persists with this kind of behaviour, the Trip Leader has the right to ask that person to leave the trip
  • Driving in a manner that destroys or damages the environment will not be tolerated and may lead to expulsion from the club
  • Comments made on social media or forums which do not reflect the ethics of the club may be removed without notice and access will be declined
  • If you decide to no longer be a member of the club or you sell your vehicle, all club stickers and signage must be removed

Values of the Club

MacArthur 4 Wheel Drive Club is a family club and as such, we have a responsibility to the young people in our club to pass on a firm understanding of the following principles:

  • Respect for other people, their privacy and their property
  • Respect for fellow road users
  • Bush safety and awareness
  • Care of the environment
  • Respect for wildlife and their habitats
  • Safe and responsible 4 wheel driving
  • Safety in and around vehicles, especially during a recovery procedure
  • Correct use of communication devices and respect for other users
  • Safety around the camp particularly around fire and water

It is only by practicing these principles ourselves that we can teach our children. They learn by our examples.
A Good Example is a Good Lesson – Please Teach your Children Well