Competition Scene


Author: Aditya Mundhalia

Created At: 02/05/2020 08:12 AM

Updated At: 17/06/2020 21:39 PM

Competition Scene

For all those people with a competitive edge, Macarthur District 4WD Club has a small but known presence in the competition scene in the 4WD community.

Macarthur District 4WD Club has members competing from your everyday road registered standard 4WD in fun 4x4 competitions all the way through to the larger scale unregistered Tuff Trucks.

We regularly have competitors running in competitions such as On All Four’s 4wd Challenge, TLCC Willowglen Challenge, URS (Ultimate Rock Sports) and even Tough Dog Tuff Trucks Challenge.

On All 4’s Challenge -

TLCC Willowglen 4x4 Challenge -

URS (Ultimate Rock Sports)

Tough Dog Tuff Truck Challenge -

For more information about any of the above events contact our Competition Coordinator.