Trip Leader Duties


Author: Aditya Mundhalia

Created At: 02/05/2020 08:28 AM

Updated At: 18/11/2020 22:36 PM

Trip Leader Duties

Note: Try to start the trip at the published start time, allowing some flexibility. A list of the attendee’s phone numbers is handy.

1.       Contact all people on the trip sheet during the week prior to departure if there have been changes to the trip after the cut-off period.

2.       Check the vehicles off against the trip sheet. Check vehicles of new members/visitors or replacement vehicles of existing members for recovery points. Identify any recovery point issues on the trip sheet and advise Driver Awareness & Environmental Officer (DAE) ASAP.

3.       Ensure all drivers, visitors included, understand the Club and Convoy rules.

4.       Organise the vehicles in convoy order. Try not to put two inexperienced drivers together.

5.       Nominate an experienced driver to act as ‘WHIP’ (The last car in the convoy). If your off-road ability is limited, ask an experienced driver to follow you to offer advice and assistance where necessary.

6.       Copy the names of participants onto the trip report sheet and give it to the person doing the trip report (Can also take a picture of the details & email/sms the person. Return or email the trip sheet to the Trip Coordinator for point allocation.

7.       Nominate someone to do the trip report and someone to give a verbal report at the next meeting.

8.       At the beginning of the trip, collect a gold coin donation from each vehicle to go towards the kids Christmas party. Upon returning home, fill in remittance advice and give all money collected to the Treasurer via cash or direct deposit.